A photography philosophy helps me stay focused.

Today, anyone with a mobile phone is a photographer. Although I do enjoy using my iPhone on occasion, it doesn’t always allow me to capture the image I have in mind. However, even the most expensive photography equipment doesn’t guarantee award-winning photographs. Truly, the photographer is the key component of a successful image. In fact, the composition is the most crucial element of any photograph. Honestly, a little planning goes a long way. Research the area beforehand and try to imagine the image you want to capture. My photography philosophy is a set of organized thoughts I practice to help me maintain focus and achieve the best results. Therefore, before pressing the shutter release button, I try to concentrate on three objectives:

  1. Frame it right!

    • Clearly identify the subject. A captivating image has a target that causes the viewer to engage.
    • Eliminate distractions. Perform a 360-degree scan in the viewfinder for undesired objects.
  1. Make it interesting!

    • The composition is crucial! Consider using the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. Remember, some rules are bendable and others breakable, but it’s just a guide. Think about how you want to frame your image before you press the shutter release.
    • Identify leading lines and use contrast to draw in the viewer.
  1. Deploy proper techniques!

    • Camera settings are important, but understanding how they contribute to your goal is critical, e.g., your desired depth of field (DOF).
    • Choose a shutter speed with forethought. Think about your desired results.
    • Understand exposure modes and how to expose correctly. Check the histogram.
    • Don’t forget about white balance. Select the correct settings to match the lighting conditions. Consider shooting in RAW.
    • Use a tripod when necessary to reduce camera shake.
    • Turn off lens stabilization when on a tripod.
    • Learn how to master ambient and artificial light. 
    • Gain experience, network with others, and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments.
    • Relax and enjoy yourself; if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong!

Photography Philosophy

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  1. Mike,


    As usual, I really enjoyed your pictures. You have become quite the photographer, you seem to really enjoy taking the picture as well as doing your best to ensure that the viewer gets that background of where and more importantly, why the picture was taken. Well done friend.

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