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About featured images.

From the occasional weekend traveler to the more advanced travel photographer, my goal is to transport the viewer directly from their computer screen to the scene of the photoshoot, hence the creation of Featured Images. These articles target travel photographers and adventure seekers looking for new experiences and revered photography.  Additionally, these features include the experiences encountered while capturing each photograph as well as associated photography tips and travel information. The purpose of each featured image is to provide valuable information as well as entertainment. What’s more,  as featured images are added to the collection, new and exciting experiences await the enthusiastic travel photographer. Furthermore, if you’re an avid hiker or maybe an adventure-seeking addict, read on.

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Practicing the art of photography for many years, I understand the challenges as well as the rewards associated with capturing an everlasting moment in time. Thus, in the process of learning about featured images, one can expect not only entertainment but useful information on the many challenges a photographer faces in capturing a typical landscape image. Moreover, each featured image will undoubtedly benefit anyone interested in photography, hiking, or adventure. In any case, whether you’re just interested in viewing a grand vista or merely honing your photography skills, each featured image has something for everyone. From the novice to the more advanced photographer, learning about new uncharted territory, or maybe a different technique is always beneficial!

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Drawing on the experiences encountered while capturing each featured image, these articles contain information such as location, conditions, and parking. Moreover, each featured image will discuss the techniques employed, particular equipment utilized, and the obstacles encounter while capturing each image. Additionally, each featured image will conclude with a list of helpful recommendations. Take a moment out of your day and enjoy some breathtaking photographs and useful information.

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About Featured Images