Although a recent addition to ScottymanPhoto, this YouTube collection offers insightful tips and entertaining adventures in the art of landscape photography. 

Inundated with infinite videos intended to entertain and educate, YouTube is the entrepreneur’s preferred information resource. Indeed, the internet contains a wide range of topics, with photography being no exception. From the latest camera gear to the best image processing practices, YouTube offers something for every photographer. Nonetheless, when faced with an immeasurable amount of data, one can quickly reach information overload. Of course, with time being such a rare commodity, deciding which source to choose can be quite challenging. The videos at ScottymanPhoto center on entertainment and the practice of landscape photography in different environments and situations. I am relatively new to videography and posting content on YouTube. At any rate, I intend to stay focused on developing quality videos and premium content at my own pace. Above all, I plan to have some fun along the way. Visit my YouTube channel to like and subscribe.

Landscape Photography