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Indeed, many photography blogs offer great photography tips directed toward either the professional or novice. Consequently, ScottymanPhoto strives to provide a wide range of photography tips targeting all skill levels. Another key point, all commentary presents a question and answer format created to enhance the user experience. In fact, the content diversity offers a broad perspective that ranges from brief lessons learned to comprehensive advice. With attention to detail, many articles examine complex issues such as camera sensor cleaning. However, other articles explore helpful everyday tips gained from personal adventures. For example, many photographers fail to realize the consequences associated with improper use of a lens hood. Additionally, all tips and recommendations remain free of advertising and commercial bias. Lastly, these articles exist with the sole intent of benefiting the reader.


Should I Use the Camera Viewfinder or LCD | Photography Tips

Should I use the camera viewfinder or LCD? More importantly, in the age of iPhones and touchscreens, is the viewfinder now obsolete? Read on, and you may just discover a need for both. Is the […]


What Is Fine Art Photography | Photography Tips

What is fine art photography? Is photography art? Indeed, many artists suggest that photography does not belong in the art community? Join the discussion on fine art photography and its place in the world of […]


Does Photography Gear Matter Photography Tips

Does photography gear matter? Do I need to invest in expensive gear and equipment? Read my photography tips and decide what gear is right for your situation. So, what’s the short answer? Indeed, this is a much-debated […]


Hand Warmers Winter Photography Tips

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful wintry scene? Cold hands and numb fingers make operating your camera a challenge. Read my winter photography tips and pick up a few pointers that might pay huge dividends. Why not […]


DSLR Sensor Cleaning Photography Tips

Interested in cleaning your camera sensor? The subject of much debate, sensor cleaning is a contentious topic, to say the least. Like many people, I have spent countless hours researching this matter. Furthermore, I have indeed […]


Camera Shake Handheld Rule Photography Tips

Don’t let camera shake ruin your images. Learn about the handheld rule. Find out what you need to know to protect your photos! Why worry about camera shake? Photoshop is capable of repairing many flaws […]


Photo Shoot Checklist Photography Tips

Creating a photo shoot checklist can improve your photography! Save yourself some grief with a simple checklist! Why do I need a photo shoot checklist? Imagine for a moment, after completing the exhausting and very time-consuming […]


Depth Of Field Calculator Photography Tips

Are you having trouble getting everything in focus? Use a depth of field calculator to maximize your DOF! Create the stunning photos of your dreams. What is the depth of field anyway? Extremely useful, a […]


Remote Shutter Release Photography Tips

Extend the life of your remote shutter release and prevent damage to your camera, all while minimizing camera shake in your images. What’s the problem? Attached to the camera’s remote port by way of an electrical cable, […]


Lens Hood Photography Tips

What is a lens hood used for and do you need one? The short answer is yes. Honestly, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on this question, and I feel there are many people out there […]